Guerrilloffiti on LCD (detail) Guerrilloffiti on LCD
Guerrilloffiti on LCD Guerrilloffiti on LCD (detail)

Wireless interactive installation
by Han Gene Paik & Dirk J. Platzek

Flash, WAP, Java Servlet, database, LCD monitors
and handheld devices with Internet connection
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Guerrilloffiti presents an alternative way of using wireless technology to cast messages toward the public. Using cell phones and other handheld devices that are meant to enhance "private" communications, participants instead publicize their opinions on censor-free display devices installed in "public" venues. This conversion of "private-to-private"into "private-
to-public"communication and its unexpected exposure in the public arena, may even enable malicious and destructive postings of vandalism, a noise, that somehow needs to be justified in the expanding public arena of the electronic age.

With its metaphorical and aesthetic reference to the traditional urban graffiti, Guerrilloffiti solicits people to leave marks on its surface. Using a variety of available display devices from large projections to LED billboards to small LCD flat panel monitors, multiple Guerrilloffiti are installed in specific sites and locate targets for users to send their messages to. Like guerillas situated in an urban environment, participants then 'bomb' on the targets from virtually anywhere and at anytime through their small private gadgets.

There is no communication without memories. Being a communication outlet, Guerrilloffiti also works as a memorial apparatus, an archive, putting the messages in reserve. Whenever there is no activity from users, stored messages are replayed at heartbeat resembling intervals. With its rhythmical, ephemeral and almost phonic way of drawing, Guerrilloffiti attempts to construct a history of what people have expressed.

All the hatred and curses in the world must be dissipated somehow before they cause a catastrophe. This work intends to set up a simulated guerrilla war right in the middle of the city so that the public, like warriors, armed with their own wireless gadgets, will participate and pour out all their misunderstan-
dings and prejudices toward the anonymous public as well as to the authorities. As controversial as it might turn out, this happening will provide a unique chance to see the maturity of our current communicative rationality.


Cellphone interface
Cellphone interface (detail)

As a replacement for a larger projection, LED display board or a LCD flat panel monitor, Guerrilloffiti can be experienced with your web browser. Be noted that the actual installation of the work will use different types of display device other than traditional computer monitors. This site is built primarily for a testing purpose. [ LAUNCH GUERRILLOFFITI (Full screen) ]


- 1024x768 resolution and 24-bit color depth recommended
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+
- Macromedia Flash 5 Player [ GET FLASH ]
- Internet-enabled handheld device (cell phone, Palm Pilot,   Pocket PC, etc.)


Han Gene Paik is an artist who resides and works in New YorkCity. He completed his MFA degree in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design, New York in 2000. When making artifacts, Han Gene still hopes to retain the "classical scorns" of the artists toward the present society. He is currently working on an archetype of computing machines for his next work. His work was recently shown at the Rotunda Gallery in New York City. [ OTHER WORKS ] [ CONTACT ]

Dirk J.Platzek was born and raised in Germany and moved to New York City in 1987 to further pursue his career as a modern dancer. For the past 5 years he has created new media content and digital art. He received an MFA from the Parsons School of Design in May of 2000. His thesis work investigated the force of wishmaking and desire upon the universe and culminated in the digital urban wishing well "Wunschfeld." Wunschfeld is also the name of a team of artist collaborators, which includes Johanne Fiebelkorn, Germany. [ OTHER WORKS ] [ CONTACT ]

Guerrilloffiti installed outdoor